Doug Koontz, an Idaho native lives in Southern Idaho with his wife where he has trained and showed reined cowhorses since the late 1980s.  Doug first became interested in leather work in high school.  After graduating, he cowboyed at various ranches in the Northwest where he developed a love for quality horses, saddles and tack.  Pedro Pedrini of Loma Rica, CA is a friend and mentor as Doug has learned the art of saddlemaking.  Doug and Kerry have an adult daughter, Savanna who also has shown reined cowhorses.  It’s a family affair!


Why order a custom saddle from DK Saddlery?

As a horseman, Doug knows how a proper fitting saddle can make a big difference for both the horse and rider.  Reined cowhorse and cutting horse trainers, and horse enthusiasts ride DK Saddles because of the movement, quality and workmanship.  Doug takes pride in his work and will make every effort to build a saddle that will meet your needs.

DK Saddlery – Custom Saddles and Tack

  • Custom saddles
  • Breast collars
  • Pulling collars
  • Chinks
  • Horse shoeing chaps
  • Headstalls
  • Reins
  • Spur straps
  • Hobbles
  • Knee hobbles
  • Buck roles
  • Special design buck roles for swell fork saddles
  • Saddle bags



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